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About us
153 MEUR Greenfield Investment
One of the biggest foreign investments into Estonia
Pulp mill located in Kunda started production in 2006. We produce 160,000 tons of pulp per annum. 2013 sales was 65.2 MEUR. We export 100% of our production - 80% to Europe and 20% to Asia.
Aspen wood is main raw material
We use 400 000 cubic meters of aspen wood per annum
The pulp mill is operated using the Best Available Technology and meets the highest environmental standards. Wood yield belongs to the top class of the industry.
Heinzel Group News
Heinzel Group remains on course for growth.
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2003-2006 Greenfield project of pulp mill by Larvik Cell, Heinzel Group and EBRD.
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Estonian Cell produces high quality Bleached-Chemi-Thermo-Mechanical aspen pulp (Aspen BCTMP).
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AS Estonian Cell
Jaama 21, 44106 
Kunda - Estonia, Europe
Tel. +372 687 0000
Shares of Estonian Cell are fully owned by Heinzel Holding GmbH.
Reg. number: 10679323
VAT: EE100641453