We respect the environment and aim to reduce our business impact to environment to a minimum

We are a modern pulp processing company operating on new technology and our goal is to manufacture nothing but the highest quality products and to continuously improve our activity in line with the pr

Sustainability Targets
  • CO2 reduction of -42%
  • Net- zero by 2050
Our promises to you
  • We implement the suitable working methods and technologies and improve on them constantly in order to control and minimize the environmental impact of our activities;
  • We follow the legal and other requirements imposed on our activity related to the environmental aspect;
  • We avoid or try to reduce pollution and use natural resources in a rational manner and conserve energy;
  • We use environmentally friendly materials and clean methods in our manufacturing process;
  • We prefer environmentally friendly suppliers;
  • We reduce quantities of waste and make sorting more effective, preferring recycling;
  • We pre-empt and address potential environmental problems openly and publicly in cooperation with official agencies and proprietors, guaranteeing freedom of information and transparency of our actions vis-à-vis the environment;
  • We put people and the environment first in our everyday activity.

In addition to striving for the highest efficiency, we put our main emphasis in all activities on protecting the environment and minimizing the impact of our business operations on the environment. We have a fully implemented quality and environmental control system, certified in accordance with the norm of ISO 9001 and our environmental management standard is certified in accordance with ISO 14001.
We are keen to demonstrate our social responsibility to the environment with openness, direct communication and a willingness to provide adequate information about our mill, strategy and goals - and also with a ready admission of minor problems. Only a direct and honest dialogue and cooperation between all interested parties can bring about successful long-term cohabitation in a world as brimming with technology as ours is today.

Environmentally friendly technology contributes to implementation of environmental standard EVS-EN ISO 14001. The Environmental Management System is part of general management system of the factory which is created to control and minimize possible negative environmental impact of our activities and to increase company's good reputation as "environmentally friendly company".

Far beyond Simple Compliance

Moreover, sustainability for the Estonian Cell goes far beyond simple compliance with external directives. For example, throughout the years the company has continued to work on optimizing the energetic value of all waste materials, and the most important milestone is the production of biogas from waste water from 2014.
Comprehensive and sustainable thinking has long been an established part of all Estonian Cell’s processes and is considered to be a key factor in its success. This approach not only includes the conservation of natural resources, but also the extension of sustainable conduct to include a fair and open approach to employees, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders.

Estonian Cell demonstrates Sustainable Responsibility from minor alteration to individual workplaces to large-scale multimillion investment projects.
Environmental consciousness also represents an increasingly significant aspect of the pulp and paper market. One of the reasons for this development is provided by the demand of a growing number of customers for products bearing certification, which states that they are manufactured from wood emanating from sustainably managed forests and therefore meet climate protection stipulations.
The fact that Estonian Cell has PEFC and FSC accreditation represents just one example of its active commitment to environmental protection. Thus, our business partners can be certain that wood flow standards are complied with during the entire production process and that all the required social, ecological and economic principles are adhered to from the forest to the final product.
These stringent certifications not only furnish the Company with decisive arguments in relation to consumers and partners, but are also important from a general perspective with regard to a related heightening of ecological awareness and the standardization of environmental protection measures.
EcoVadis Rating Certificate 2024

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