Environment Protection

Water Monitoring

Our effluent treatment plant consists of 3-steps chemical- biological active sludge process. All effluent water from pulp production, bark storage, composting area and fresh water treatment is collected and lead to the effluent plant.
The company’s waste water treatment meets the requirements applicable to the best available technolgy (BAT) for mechanical pulp and the average waste emission is as follows:

water m³/adt COD kg/adt BOD7 kg/adt SS kg/adt N-tot kg/adt P-tot kg/adt
CTMP mill
* in case of H₂O₂ bleaching
15-20* 10-20 0,5-1 0,5-1 0,1-0,2 0,005-0,01
2018 15,4 10,5 0,78 0,36 0,11 0,011
2019 14,7 10,9 0,58 0,29 0,10 0,012
2020 15,3 10,6 0,62 0,28 0,12 0,011

Ambient Air Pollution

The sources of atmosphere pollution are technological equipment of the BCTMP plant and steam boiler. Gas mixture emitted to the ambient air consists of usual burning products of natural gas, mixed in the flashdrying process with water vapours and pulpdust. Majority of the dust is removed by the catching devices in the dryingline. The steam boiler which generates necessary steam to process startup is also source of ambient air pollution.

Marine surveillance

Every year in co-operation with Marine Institute of University of Tartu, AS Estonian Cell is assessing the enviromental impact on the benthic flora by of its deep-sea effluent discharge.

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