Raw material

Estonia is a richly forested country. Over 50% of its territory is covered with forest. Approximately 40% of forest lands belong to the state. Main wood species in Estonia are Pine, Birch and Spruce. Aspen (Populus Tremula) accounts for 7,3% of volume. Our mill`s annual demand at full capacity is 440 000 m³ of aspen pulpwood. An important consideration is that the technology used at the Kunda aspen pulp plant allows lower quality wood to be used – some degree of colour variation and rot is permissible. Our plant is able to handle both coarse and fine material (6-60 cm). Compared to the high quality wood used at mills, pulp production creates advantages for using lower quality aspen wood which has to this point been considered less valuable.

Only certified wood enters our mill

Our suppliers of pulpwood, with long term agreements in place, are RMK (State Forest Management Centre) and AS Nor-Est Wood. Both suppliers have FSC® certification:

  • RMK – the entire forest stock is certified on the basis of the FSC forestry stewardship standard
  • Nor-Est Wood – certified on the basis of the FSC supply chain standard

It means, delivered pulpwood is covered with FSC certificate or is of proven origin.
For inquiries regarding sales of aspen to our plant for paper production, please contact Nor-Est Wood:

  • Roman Maasikas, North-West Estonia, mob.nr. +372 510 4570, tel.nr. +372 385 7196
  • Margus Lepik, Whole Estonia, mob.nr. +372 529 2035, tel.nr. +372 443 0245
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