Environmental Policy

We are a modern pulp processing company operating on new technology and our goal is to manufacture nothing but the highest quality products and to continuously improve our activity in line with the principles of sustainable development.

Environmentally friendly technology contributes to implementation of environmental standard EVS-EN ISO 14001. The Environmental Management System is part of general management system of the factory which is created to control and minimize possible negative environmental impact of our activities and to increase company's good reputation as "environmentally friendly company".

Our promises to you
  • We implement the suitable working methods and technologies and improve on them constantly in order to control and minimize the environmental impact of our activities;
  • We follow the legal and other requirements imposed on our activity related to the environmental aspect;
  • We avoid or try to reduce pollution and use natural resources in a rational manner and conserve energy;
  • We use environmentally friendly materials and clean methods in our manufacturing process;
  • We prefer environmentally friendly suppliers;
  • We reduce quantities of waste and make sorting more effective, preferring recycling;
  • We pre-empt and address potential environmental problems openly and publicly in cooperation with official agencies and proprietors, guaranteeing freedom of information and transparency of our actions vis-à-vis the environment;
  • We put people and the environment first in our everyday activity.
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