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Aspen BCTMP from Estonian Cell

Estonian Cell AS produces 3 range of Aspen BCTMP (Bleached Chemo Thermo Mechanical Pulp): ASPEN 350/84 B, ASPEN 350/85 HT and ASPEN 450/80 HB. BCTMP is to be considered as an additive to paper formulas. The traditional amount added ranges around 15-20%, with this amount being determined by the quality and kind of paper. For further information, please see the technical specifications. 

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Our high yield pulp provides high bulk properties with resulting in great water absorption capacities, higher paper bending stiffness and good opacity values at the highest available brightness level. Further, ASPEN BCTMP increases the porosity of sheets and at the same time has a good water retention value.
Also BCTMP pulp has a relatively low portion of lignin and is mainly used in the production of printing and writing paper, paper board, tissue products and specialty paper. 

Download Folder “Pulp Application Technology” (16.7 MB), 2011

Over the years we have developed a solid market share and a stable customer base in both Europe and Asia. The main markets are France, Germany, Italy, Poland, India and South-Korea. 

Our pulp is also traded and distributed by the Wilfreid Heinzel international sales network. For more information on Heinzel Sales offices, please visit the web site at: 

Estonian Cell AS is committed to sustainable forestry and the standards contained in the FSC guidelines. 

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