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Product introduction

Estonian Cell produces high quality Bleached-Chemi-Thermo-Mechanical aspen pulp (Aspen BCTMP).

In production we are utilizing Best Available Technology. It means efficient fiber development and allows for flexibility in brightness, opacity and bulk.

Mill is able to provide product for following applications: 
•  printing and writing papers
•  paper board
•  tissue
•  specialty papers. 

Product specification for ASPEN 350/84 B
Product specification for ASPEN 350/85 HT
• Product specification for ASPEN 350/84 MB
Product specification for ASPEN 450/80 HB

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AS Estonian Cell
Jaama 21, 44106 
Kunda - Estonia, Europe
Tel. +372 687 0000
Shares of Estonian Cell are fully owned by Heinzel Holding GmbH.
Reg. number: 10679323
VAT: EE100641453